Courtyard Project

The courtyard project began in spring 2021. Its goal is to create an interactive model to promote active learning through interaction by constructing a building wall. The building wall will be mounted to a wall in the DCES courtyard and will act as a "choose-your-own-adventure Rube Goldberg machine."

The project partner gave the following requirements for the project: 

  • Promote creativity and cooperation among students K-5

  • Withstand outdoor weather

  • Fit reasonably in the DCES courtyard

  • Pose no safety hazard

In the spring of 2021, the team has completed the project identification phase and design specification phase and has begun work on the conceptual design phase.


In the later half of the spring 2021 semester, the team began working on the conceptual design phase. Pictured left is a few sketches for possible attachments for the wall. These varying attachment styles would allow for more creativity when students are building their machines.

Additionally, as pictured right, the team built a box to represent the final wall that will be delivered next semester. This side pictured is made from 30 gauge galvanized steel attached to a frame of 2x4s. On the opposite side of the frame is a piece of plywood with 1/2" holes drilled into it, forming a pegboard.

Ultimately, the team decided to go with the steel and magnet design because it was more time efficient and offered a simpler solution to the problem.