About Us

What Do We Do?

The DCES EPICS team works with Delphi Community Elementary to help promote interactive learning of STEM for grades kindergarten through 5th. We have been a team since the fall of 2018.

Current Semester

We have two projects on going this semester. These are the courtyard project and the robotics project. The courtyard project creating a building wall for the courtyard at DCES which promotes active learning and creativity through interaction with the project. The robotics project is creating an interactive activity to be used in the curriculum to instill an understanding of robotics for the students.

Who Are We?


Teaching Assistant:

Project Manager:

Design Leads:

Project Partner Liaison:

Communications Officers:

Financial Officer:

Project Archivists:

Team Members:

Jorge Martinez

Srinivas Dustker

Meena Mathur

Kaitlyn Bultemeier, Danilo Dragovic

Kaitlyn Yu

Mairead Kennedy, Caitlin Wyant

Jenna Gillette

Kielyn Ivy, Matthew Hodgen

Emma Beaulieu, Andrew Borowiak, Felipe Sandoval,

Sara Sullivan